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Mr. Bijender Goel, founder of The Modern Pythian Games, and Dr. Dalip Singh, IAS, President. The Pythian Council of India returned back to New Delhi after a 9-day visit to Greece.

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With the presentation of the Modern Pythian Games on April 7, 2022 at the Delphi economic Forum, Delphi, Greece, history is created.

Mr. Bijender Goel, founder of The Modern Pythian Games, and Dr. Dalip Singh, IAS, President. The Pythian Council of India returned back to New Delhi after a 9-day visit to Greece.

Mr. Goel, in his official capacity as the founder of the Modern Pythian Games, was invited to address a special session on the Modern Pythian Games at their annual general meeting as the keynote speaker, held from April 6–9, 2022, at Delphi, Greece (origin of the Pythian Games).

Mr. Goel and Mr. Dalip Singh (IAS) met with the press upon their arrival in New Delhi on April 13th and informed them about their trip and what to expect in the run-up to the launch in Greece.

Mr. Goel told the media that « it was a historical moment for him when he presented the concept of Modern Pythian Games before the world in the presence of Mr. George Kermlis, Adviser to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Panos Kaltsis, former Mayor of Delphi, and many other dignitaries, which was appreciated by all.

During the meeting, he also met Mr. Kyriakos Mitasotakis, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Greece, and also visited His Excellency Mr. Amrit Lagun, the Indian Ambassador in Athens, Greece, and informed them about the inception of the Modern Pythian Games.

Mr. Goel also thanked Mr. Symeon, the founder of the Delphi economic forum, for acknowledging modern Pythian Games and invited him to a special session on modern Pythian Games. He also appreciated the Ecumenical Delphic Union, Delphi, headed by Mr. Panos Kaltsis, for coming forward for collaboration to work together to benefit the artisans.

He went on to say that India and Greece had a deep link and shared cultural values, and that this was a unification of the world’s oldest and largest democracies.

He discussed how the Corona Virus has devastated the world over the last two years and how we needed to bring artists together to build a global platform for them to present their work and talents. It will be like the Olympics for art and culture, he said. The modern Pythian games will be that platform.

He went on to discuss how the arts can create personalities and how these personalities can be used to represent countries and individuals on a global stage while also generating revenue for a country or community.

He described the size of the global arts business and how, despite its huge size, he said that « We need to structure the arts and culture industry from an unorganised sector to an organised sector. »

Besides that, Mr. Goel said that the Modern Pythian movement has spread to over 80 countries and is planning events all over the world.

Mr. Bijender Goel said that it is a great moment when modern Pythian Games inspired by the Greek history of ancient Pythian Games are being resurrected in India.

The Pythian Games are to art and culture what the Olympics are to physical sports, and they were held in parallel with the Olympics in ancient Greece. The Pythian Games were one of Delphi’s four Pan-Hellenic Games.

The Pythian Games will be held every four years, and any national or state council should be able to bid for them with the assistance of their governments in order to host them. The various events have been created in different art categories and the games, festivals, and engagements will take place in each of the eight primary creative fields: musical arts, performing arts, visual arts, social and traditional arts, language and literary arts, architecture and ecology, robotics and digital arts, martial arts, entertainment games, adventure games, traditional games, and support in reviving dying art traditions.

The sentiments for artisans are transforming into a global movement now to support artisans, and that’s what our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, desired in his recent speech on « MAN Ki BAAT ».

Modern Pythian Games, along with its associates, will take the initiative to establish a regular Global Cultural Dialogure and shall give shape to it soon.

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